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Spray foam is the only insulation that can offer a 100% air barrier, applying spray foam to your home or business can save you money, as well as, ensure a healthy environment for your family or patrons. Western Home Performance Sales has sprayed several types of projects for various reasons—to provide an air barrier, vapor barrier, moisture barrier, sound barrier, or refrigeration/temperature control:


Remodels, New Construction, & Retrofit

Commercial Businesses

Salons, Doggie Day Care, Storage Centers, Bakeries, Restaurants

Industrial Businesses

Tanks, Break rooms (for sound), Containers

Agriculture Businesses

Wine Vats, Digester Tanks, Nurseries, Refrigeration Storage Units, Pole Barns, Warehouses, Farm Structures


Boats, Floating Homes, Swimming Pools, Props


Eco Friendly

Spray foam is the only type of insulation that can dramatically contribute to reducing your home's energy consumption. Installing spray foam is essential to creating a high performance home, which is both good for the pocket book and the planet.


Spray foam insulation reduces energy costs by reducing the flow of air through the walls, ceiling and floor of the home. Because it reaches every crack and crevice spray foam creates a 100% air barrier; therefore it drastically reduces the cost of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. According to the US Department of Energy, 40% of energy loss is a result of air ebb and flow through your structure. With spray foam you can expect a 30% to 50% energy savings.


Due to the effective air barrier, spray foam allows for complete control of interior air quality. It locks out the infiltration of harmful air pollutants. Applying spray foam will ensure a healthy living environment for your family.

Mold & Pest Resistant

Spray foam has no food value for mold to grow and will not support mold spores. The air barrier that spray foam creates stops moisture from penetrating into the wall cavities, therefore it prevents moisture from building up in the wall spaces where mold usually grows. By sealing your home with spray foam you will also seal out those unwanted pests like insects and rodents.


Spray foam drastically reduces noise irritants in your home! From the outside it will help block out noise caused by traffic, neighbors, pets, and airplanes. From the interior of your home it creates a noise barrier between floors, stair wells, utility rooms, and bathrooms.

Strong and Durable

Spray foam will not settle or lose its R-value like other insulation options. Spray foam is a permanent application, it will not deteriorate over time. High density, rigid, close cell foam will increase the sheer strength of a remodeled or new construction building because it adheres fully to the exterior sub structure and stud cavities.

The added strength of your home will reduce wall movement due to powerful winds and vibrations—ultimately protecting your home’s value and the well-being of your family.

Money Back

Not only can you save big by conserving energy, with spray foam’s 100% air seal, there are several tax incentive and rebate programs offered when upgrading your home with high performance products, like spray foam insulation. Visit the Installation Process & Rebates page for further details.