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Estimation & Choosing a Spray Foam Contractor

Western Home Performance Sales will come to your home or business at no charge to provide an estimate and discuss our products.

You will want to make sure that the products they use are of good quality and have been tested and certified—not all spray foam products are the same.

Installation Process

We understand education is essential to making the right decision. We want to be upfront with the process of our spray foam installation, from start to finish. Spray foam is unlike any other sub trade, there is more set up time involved and our equipment is a bit more than a hammer and a tool belt. Below are a few details about the process:


The Equipment

Site Prep

The Material

The Application

Open Wall Cavities


Existing Wall Cavities

For All Applications

The Clean-Up

Job Completion

If there are any questions or concerns, we are more than happy to address them. Our goal, again, is to create good experiences and happy customers!

We hope this information helps prepare you for the process, spray foam is truly the best option for insulating your home, if you have not already, please visit the benefits page in the drop down menu, you will see that there are many benefits to spray foam—there is no other insulation on the market that can provide the energy and money savings that spray foam does.We have lots of references, if you would like to contact a past customer to discuss our work and/or the product let us know and we can get the contact information to you. Thanks for your time and consideration. Any questions, please call 503-661-3645.


Don’t forget to claim your rebate if one is available. Check the Energy Trust of Oregon website for possible cash rebates that may be available to you. And for the federal tax incentives and other state utility incentives that may be available, check out the website. We will provide you all the necessary paperwork you need to claim your rebate or incentive. You will just need to notify us that you are intending to claim these and our office will send the paperwork to you after the job is completed.